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Title: https://bitbettors.com/
URL: https://bitbettors.com/
Description: Before delving in to the fundamentals of the Satoshi games protocol, it is highly relevant to have a quick look at the platform’s history. SatoshiDice originally opened its door in April 2012, with its founder know only his FireDuck username from the BitcoinTalk forums. The platform itself was unlike any other online casino, not least because all it offered was a simplistic dice game on a rather unsophisticated interface. Users could stake BTC in real-time, without having to open an account. Essentially, the gambling transaction was initiated once the user had selected their pre-defined betting conditions and transferred their stake to a static BTC address controlled by the SatoshiDice developers. The Satoshi games protocol took the cryptocurrency community by storm, which at one point in 2013 was generating more Bitcoin transactions that any other vendor, marketplace or exchange. As a result, the Satoshi casino was ultimately sold to an undisclosed buyer for a fee worth $11.5 million at the time of the sale in 2013. Not bad for casino platform with just over one year’s worth of trading!